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Making a veil for my homemade wedding!

Veils are really expensive. Well, you can get a really cheap, fingertip-length piece of tulle with some beads glued on it. But if you want something nice, it costs a lot of money. Which it should, in the case of nice, handmade, high-quality veils! Those take a TON of time and effort. Of course, then there’s the ridiculously overpriced crap that people sell, banking on a bride’s liberal spending because it’s her wedding. Either way, you’re in for a big cash ding if you want something fancy without doing it yourself.

I decided on a long veil with a crown and scattered crystals, with lace trim at the bottom but not the sides. I don’t really like huge, poofy, dramatic wedding dresses (they’re gorgeous, just not on me), so I’m relying on the veil for the drama. Plus, in my heart of hearts, I’m still a little enamored with elves and fantasy creatures. I don’t want to do a costume or a theme wedding, but a simple wire-and-crystal circlet nods to my love of fantasy while not being silly about it. I hope.

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Miscellaneous tips and tricks for costuming/sewing on a budget

Whenever I’m working on a costume, I think “this is super cheap. I should share it.” And then it doesn’t quite fit into the tutorial, or it’s a weird tributary of eddying thoughts that strays far away from the main flow of the post. So here’s a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up about obtaining materials on the cheap, that hopefully go beyond your standard “go to the thrift store. Thrift. Good job.”

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6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Local Thrift Store

1. Take advantage of the season: Just like in big box stores, the best time to buy something is well before you need it. In my experience, thrift stores are full of old (read: high chance of vintage!) high-quality coats and boots in the summer months. People are much more willing to let items that aren’t their style go to thrift stores when they’re not needed; once the first snow comes, who cares if that coat your grandma gave you doesn’t quite fit? You’ll probably keep it to stay warm. Same thing with summer gear, to a lesser extent. If you haven’t gotten around to buying a bikini yet, you’re unlikely to donate the one you have during the summer, in case of unexpected swim party.

Exception: The first week of really springlike weather. People get that spring cleaning bug and will clean out their garages. I’ve found that first warm week to be when there’s a sudden flood of cool things. Your mileage may vary, of course.

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