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Easy pants variation

I’m all over the place, aren’t I. I made some pants this week that I really enjoy, and I’d like to share how, since it’s really easy.


Draft a simple pair of knee-length elastic-or-drawstring-waist pants with side seams, adding about an inch to each side seam compared to what you’d normally wear. Or, use your favorite pattern, and add an inch or two extra at the side seams. (You could even do this with a non-elastic waist band with a fly, if you want. Just make sure there’s a waistband, or it’ll look really strange.)

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Butterfly skirt: Steampunk/fantasy costume tutorial

Hey guys! Been a while again. I seem to go through spurts and empty periods. The last month or so, I became a vegetarian, sewed a lot, went to creeks, and generally did nothing of particular consequence to write about. (I am NOT of the opinion that constant content for content’s sake is a good thing!) Today, though, I wanted to give a tutorial for this lovely skirt/short thingy that I made for Lightning in a Bottle — an electronic music/yoga festival in a couple of weeks that I’m going to — and Burning Man.

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