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Mini-tutorial: Embellished lace-up costume bracers

Quick and easy tutorial today, guys. It’s almost like cheating. But hey, not every project has to be crazy complicated, right? I wanted some bracers for a costume I’m making, and I had this piece of crazy beaded fabric lying around. It came from the waist band of a child’s skirt that I bought forever ago and ripped up for its plain black cotton. (Every time I use something years later, it enables the hoarder in me. Alas.)


-Strip of heavily embellished fabric that will go around your wrist ~2 times, at least 2 inches wide. Wide ribbon is a good choice. Alternatively, use this as your chance to practice beading/embroidery/smocking/whatever crazy techniques you want, since it’s such a small piece of fabric.

-Equal amount of lining fabric. I used a silk scrap that I had lying around, for extra luxury and to help diminish forearm sweatiness.

-Grommet tape or grommets. I used grommets because my bracers are tiny and I needed them close together.

-Short amount of shoelace, ribbon, string, I-cord, what-have-you. Something to lace it with.

-Heavy interfacing. (Optional, but essential if you want them to look like armor.)

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Costume refashion: Umbrella to parasol

I know. It’s been months. Again. The whole summer, in fact. I like to take surprise hiatuses, can you tell? Mea culpa, for those of you who care. But I didn’t have a lot of time to make quality posts for a while, and I’m very strongly of the view that posting just to post is everything that is wrong with the internet. Much rather have infrequent, higher quality posts. Plus, I have a better camera now! Not quite professional grade, but really heavy duty and just all around nicer than my old one.

So anyway! Back to it. Today’s post is about how to turn a cheapo umbrella into a beautiful, dainty parasol. I like steampunk props. They’re fun to build, fun to hold and play with, and can really make a costume or photo. I also went to Burning Man for the first time this summer, and needed some portable shade. Skin cancer? NO THANK YOU. Didn’t get burned at all, by the way, so it worked out great.

I started with a foldable umbrella. You know the type, right? Little, black, you buy them for $20 and use them for one summer, lose them and buy another until one day you open your coat closet and they all come clattering out, along with a very confused Mr. Tumnus? You can find lots of them at thrift stores, sometimes for under a dollar.

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Butterfly skirt: Steampunk/fantasy costume tutorial

Hey guys! Been a while again. I seem to go through spurts and empty periods. The last month or so, I became a vegetarian, sewed a lot, went to creeks, and generally did nothing of particular consequence to write about. (I am NOT of the opinion that constant content for content’s sake is a good thing!) Today, though, I wanted to give a tutorial for this lovely skirt/short thingy that I made for Lightning in a Bottle — an electronic music/yoga festival in a couple of weeks that I’m going to — and Burning Man.

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