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Meatless Monday: Savory Pumpkin Soup with Green Tea

011One of my favorite genres of food is Thai. The Compatriot took me to a Burmese restaurant in San Francisco recently called Burmese Superstar, and it was pretty scrumptious. From what I could gather, Burmese food is sort of like Thai, but with squash and tea scented stuff. (My impression may not be accurate.)

But on my return home, I couldn’t find very many savory pumpkin soup recipes. There are a few, but they require lots of prep and batches of soup puree. Besides, I had a can of pureed pumpkin left over from Thanksgiving. My roommates aren’t fond of single-texture soup. And I like to cook things that everyone wants to eat. So I wanted a savory pumpkin broth with green tea and vegetables. This is not Burmese, exactly. Let’s call it fusion.

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Meatless Monday: Green overload lentil curry

Finally! A whole week after my vegan challenge, and I have the pictures to put up for my super green overload lentil curry recipe.

Lentils are amazing. Filling, nutritious, full of proteins and whatnots. They’re a fantastic staple for any vegetarian or vegan diet, and they’re quick to cook. They’re cost effective, too!

This green lentil curry has all the delicious nutrition of lentils and coconut milk, with a turbo boost of healthy deliciousness with green tea broth, green curry paste, lime juice, and green veggies.

Green overload!

Green overload!

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7-day vegan challenge day 2: Tom Ka

I know, I know. I already posted a recipe for Tom Ka. I cheated a little because on Tuesdays we have a potluck gathering, and I wanted to make something I knew everyone would like and would potentially feed a large number of people. But I didn’t completely cop out: I updated the recipe with better pictures! Go check it out. Besides, it’s really just that amazing.

I finally got enough sleep on a week night, and I’m remembering why I used to decline activities on a regular basis last year. It just feels so nice to be up sipping coffee (black, of course) and eating oatmeal and watching the sun rise without a hangover or sleep-deprivation-based bleariness.

But there was someone passed out on my couch, so breakfast was half a serving of plain-jane oatmeal (I can never finish a whole serving). It’s quick and quiet to prepare, and good for an early, pre-workout breakfast. The only issue is how gross oatmeal makes pots unless you stand over it stirring constantly.

After some yoga and a quick, but really intense, HiiT workout I realized I jumped back into exercise way too hard, and wound up curled on the floor with a belly ache. So I made a strawberry-oatmeal-banana-flaxseed-kale smoothie (no milk!) to have something soothing in my stomach, and that helped a great deal.

I had planned to eat leftovers from yesterday’s rice noodle and peanut sauce salad for breakfast, but I ended up eating all of it last night. Seriously, it ended up being more like 6 servings, and I ate it all, except for the one serving the Male Compatriot ate. I swear, I’d be an obese vegan.

Anyway, lunch and dinner were mostly the same meal; I ended up making a ton of Tom Ka and just kind of ate it all day. Delicious! Also some salad periodically.

Yesterday I was incredibly tired, and worried a little bit that the lack of… whatever… energy, I guess? In my diet was making me tired. I knew better, of course, but worried just the same. And then I got enough sleep and today has been a very energetic day. So far, vegan is pretty easy — I just have to be careful not to add fish sauce to anything!

Meatless Monday: Healthy, Delicious Fried Rice

Like many people, I’m trying to eat less meat. I’m not a vegetarian (though I could see myself taking the plunge eventually), but I do have strong feelings about factory farming. I only eat ethical, sustainable meat, as far as I can control it, and certified humane eggs. I also don’t eat baby animals — no chicken wings or lamb for me.

All these rules make eating meat hugely expensive — certified humane eggs (which are MUCH harder to come by than packaging would suggest. If you don’t know if your eggs are humane, don’t trust the carton: I’ve found the cornucopia institute to be very informative, providing good transparency and the process by which they arrive at their scores) cost almost $5/dozen where I live. And forget organic, humane milk. $8/gallon, anyone?

So eating less meat (and dairy, unfortunately) is a great decision for my wallet and my health. And how better to use up leftovers, reduce waste, reduce your waist (har), and enjoy your meals than fried rice?

“Wait,” you say. “Isn’t rice a starch?” Well, yes. Yes, it is. So use brown rice, and limit the quantity. Starch isn’t terrible for you, it’s just when all of your calories come from that and meat that you have a problem. Unless you’re allergic to rice. In which case, you may want to not look at this recipe.

This isn’t the fried rice you order from the Asian-inspired takeout place down the road, anyway. (Though I’ve been known to use leftover rice from takeout for my friend rice!) This is healthy and deliciously flavorful.

“Wait,” you say. (You sure have a lot of questions…) “Doesn’t fried rice just mean throwing everything you have into a pan or a wok with some rice and frying it up?”

Well yes. But mine’s awesome. Read on, and ye shall be converted.

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