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Deep V cutout shirt/dress: Semi-Wearable Muslin and DiY

Hey everyone. This time, I have a legit excuse for the time between posts; I moved! To an apartment with a big white wall, no less, so I can hopefully take better pictures.

Recently, I saw a lovely shirt with lots of cutouts. Kind of an edgy, slightly more covered take on a super low-cut shirt. But it was for sale for several hundred dollars. So I decided to recreate it and share my process.

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Cropped Circus-y Tailcoat Project Notes

I really seem to like belly-barers, huh. Well, most of my costumes are for Burning Man at this point, where bellydance and/or swim attire are the norm, so deal. If you wanted to copy this look, you could easily draft the front longer.

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Adventure Pants: Using an old garment to make something completely new

So… the first part of this post was TWO YEARS AGO. Bad, bad sewing blogger! Check it out — I detailed my process for taking apart my favorite pair of pants and using them as a pattern. Part One here.

One good thing about the super long gap between parts is that I was able to test my labeling system. It held up! So yeah, write notes onto your fabric. It’s super helpful, especially if you have a lot of pieces. My pants have a center front seam and with the way the pockets are constructed, it’s super easy to get the crotch piece and side pocket piece mixed up. One can never have too many notes and arrows.

This post is to show a pair of pants that I made modeled on the old ones, and to showcase how far you can go with the basics of an old garment that fits well. I was able to keep just about everything I liked about the fit while eliminating some of the weirder pockets, also eliminating the fly (partially because I actually wanted a crazy exposed zipper with the crazy fabric, but also partially because I only have a serger at the moment and flies are hard enough.)

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Easy pants variation

I’m all over the place, aren’t I. I made some pants this week that I really enjoy, and I’d like to share how, since it’s really easy.


Draft a simple pair of knee-length elastic-or-drawstring-waist pants with side seams, adding about an inch to each side seam compared to what you’d normally wear. Or, use your favorite pattern, and add an inch or two extra at the side seams. (You could even do this with a non-elastic waist band with a fly, if you want. Just make sure there’s a waistband, or it’ll look really strange.)

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Simple body chain with cape tutorial schematic/notes

Pretty self-explanatory. Do you like body chains? With our without capes? Wanna see how I did mine?

Now, normally I’m not a fan of any sort of metal in my festival costumes, because I tend to not like to wear a lot of clothing, and skimpy armor is a BIG anti-feminist pet peeve of mine. But body chains don’t look like armor to me. I mean really, is anyone going to mistake this thing for protective shoulder gear? No.

I fully expect you to extrapolate your own from this, since it’s only a few notes about construction and a tiny schematic showing which chains are connected where. But I think and hope it’ll be helpful for someone who has chain but isn’t quite sure how to puzzle out the shapes in their head.

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Making a veil for my homemade wedding!

Veils are really expensive. Well, you can get a really cheap, fingertip-length piece of tulle with some beads glued on it. But if you want something nice, it costs a lot of money. Which it should, in the case of nice, handmade, high-quality veils! Those take a TON of time and effort. Of course, then there’s the ridiculously overpriced crap that people sell, banking on a bride’s liberal spending because it’s her wedding. Either way, you’re in for a big cash ding if you want something fancy without doing it yourself.

I decided on a long veil with a crown and scattered crystals, with lace trim at the bottom but not the sides. I don’t really like huge, poofy, dramatic wedding dresses (they’re gorgeous, just not on me), so I’m relying on the veil for the drama. Plus, in my heart of hearts, I’m still a little enamored with elves and fantasy creatures. I don’t want to do a costume or a theme wedding, but a simple wire-and-crystal circlet nods to my love of fantasy while not being silly about it. I hope.

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DiY Tome of Galaxies (Raspberry Pi Case)

The Compatriot and I teamed up for my mom’s Christmas present this year. He got her a Raspberry Pi — she’s a gamer, but has been simplifying her life and doesn’t want to have a ton of consoles and controllers lying around. This was his thoughtful solution. (On a related note, I have the best Compatriot a girl could hope to have on her team!)

My mom is also a huge reader, so I made a custom case for it out of a book, and titled it The Tome of Galaxies. (Also the Compatriot’s idea.) It’s a fairly easy project but time consuming, so let’s get going!

Disclaimer: I am not a computer scientist. I don’t know what all the pieces are called — I’m a total layman. If you are a Pi aficionado, you’ll likely cringe at my terminology. You’ve been warned.

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Refashion Copycat Friday: Maxi Skirt to Santa Fe Dress

Have you ever happened across a piece of clothing that you immediately fell in love with? That, if you have the materials at hand, you immediately launch in to without a second thought?

I follow Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing (of course I do), even though I’m not particularly retro, because I love some of her pieces and I’ve learned a ton about sewing. Yesterday, she featured the lovely Santa Fe dress by Nancy Zieman, with a couple of alterations, and I knew that I had to have one. Immediately.

I’m not going to do a step-by-step walkthrough of how I recreated this pattern; it seems disrespectful to Nancy Zieman, who is justifiably selling the pattern. A simple before and after picture will have to suffice.

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