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Green eggs and… garlic.

Looking to get some more greens in your diet? Well, you should be. They’re super good for you, and anywhere you can sneak some in, you should do that. Plus, light cooking in olive oil can kick up the health factor by a few notches. (Nutrition. It’s weirdly interconnected.)

This is an awesome breakfast full of protein, healthy fats, and green goodness. Try it, Sam I Am!

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Meatless/vegan Monday: Spiced lentil soup

It’s been a few weeks since a meatless Monday. I know, I know. How am I ever going to break through into blogging popularity, monetize, and sail off into the land of beautiful people and passive income? The answer is, I’d much rather make everyone wait around for content that I can feel good about, instead of tons of micro-reblogged posts about glitter and 5-minute crafts. Yada yada, let’s get to the lentils!

I’ve been working out a lot lately, for various reasons, including having fewer clients/less workload lately than I have in the past. It’s the first time since going veggie that I have lots of time to really burn calories and build muscle, and I’ve been feeling the lack of animal proteins. So I’ve been turning a lot toward beans. And spinach. And tofu. But mostly beans.

This lentil soup isn’t super flashy, but it’s easy, satisfying, tasty, packs a whopping 18 grams of protein per cup and is fantastic for a cold and gloomy day. Add marbled rye bread for dipping, and it transcends the workhorse soup genre, reaching something magical. Bonus: it’s vegan! I didn’t notice until I was typing up the recipe.

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Meatless Monday: Savory Pumpkin Soup with Green Tea

011One of my favorite genres of food is Thai. The Compatriot took me to a Burmese restaurant in San Francisco recently called Burmese Superstar, and it was pretty scrumptious. From what I could gather, Burmese food is sort of like Thai, but with squash and tea scented stuff. (My impression may not be accurate.)

But on my return home, I couldn’t find very many savory pumpkin soup recipes. There are a few, but they require lots of prep and batches of soup puree. Besides, I had a can of pureed pumpkin left over from Thanksgiving. My roommates aren’t fond of single-texture soup. And I like to cook things that everyone wants to eat. So I wanted a savory pumpkin broth with green tea and vegetables. This is not Burmese, exactly. Let’s call it fusion.

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Meatless Monday, Valentine’s Edition: Heart-shaped wonton recipe (vegan or vegetarian)

Oh man. That title almost makes me swoon with how incredibly yupster I am. Oh, you made homemade wontons? Well mine are slightly healthier, and have both a vegan and a sweet option. And dig this; they’re heart shaped. They’re almost barf-worthy, except that they’re so delicious and topical, as Valentine’s day is this week. So, if you’re having a Pinterest-worthy party, add these to your menu. They’re not that much work, kind of soothing, and you can change the level of healthiness and deliciousness to suit your needs.

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Meatless Monday: Stir-Fried Veggie bowl with Low-Sodium Teriyaki Sauce

I’ve used this recipe for teriyaki sauce poured over veggies a couple of times now, and it’s delicious. But it’s also got a TON of salt and sugar in it. So I set about making a teriyaki sauce that utilizes less than half of the sodium and sugar. The secret is miso. Yes, miso has a fair amount of sodium in it — anywhere between 100 and 300 mg per tablespoon, which will easily make a cup of miso broth — but soy sauce has over 2,0000 mg in 1/4 cup! That’s a lot of salt! The recipe also calls for 1/4 sugar AND 2 tablespoons of honey. Don’t worry, though, we can make up the difference in flavor by actually adding more good things.

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2014 Already?

I know, it’s 2 weeks in. But I was traveling on the first, and didn’t have a chance to do a recap/plan for my blog this upcoming year. I feel like I’m supposed to do some kind of announcement with a megaphone or something.

THIS YEAR on THE FIVE Fs! sort of thing.

I have lots of projects and explorations coming up — 2013 wasn’t such a good year for me, being a little bit stagnant and a little bit lost. But 2014 is kicking off with some new clients, some new goals and a ton of ideas for sewing, cooking and pondering life in an anti-craftian sort of way.

Coming up:

Short term:

-Some self-drafted skirt tutorials in the vein of updated hobble skirts

-Some pants tutorials based on styles I saw in San Juan and Berkeley the past few months

-Burning Man/festival costumes galore; now that I’ve been once, I have some great ideas about costumes for myself and the Compatriot

-Leaf/dragonscale cutout jackets. When I wrap my head around how to accomplish this, you’ll see what I mean.

Medium term:

-A foray into shoemaking, with tutorials

-Some ambitious knitting projects; my attention span is short (so short that I originally posted this without finishing this sentence! Oh man.) but I really want to get into some more detail-oriented, delicate work like shawls. Well, shawl. If I finish one, I’ll be hugely impressed with myself.

-Putting together a steampunk costume from sketch concept to finish: I have an Alice’s Tea Party-themed wedding to attend in March of this year, so I’ll be documenting the whole process from sketch to finished project as a sort of project journal for anyone interested in creating elaborate costumes but not sure how. As an added bonus, the venue of a wedding gives me the opportunity for a more modest costume than my usual style.

Long term:

-Speaking of weddings, I got engaged this past week. This doesn’t mean the blog will turn into Brides-R-Us. Quite the contrary; I hope that documenting our planning process will provide a DIY-centered, thoughtful contrast to the Disney-princess-fueled insane wedding bullcrap that dominates Pinterest boards and Netflix suggested lists. A wedding is a celebration and a formalization, a ritual to enter into a new stage of life, not spend-a-thon fuel for a money-hungry industry. All that being said, I’m super excited to design and draft my own dress, and probably something for the Compatriot-fiance as well.

-I also want to start drafting patterns, and offering a freemium plan: download the pattern/use the tutorial for free or a voluntary donation, or buy handmade from me. We’ll see about this, as I am notoriously bad at keeping a tight schedule, and most of my focus has to be on my freelancing clients in 2014.

What do you have on tap for 2014?

Ambrosia ‘Cocktail’

043Kind of unassuming looking, I know. But trust me, ambrosia is a fitting title.

Pour 1 shot Fireball cinnamon whiskey (or however much you want) and fill with ginger beer/soda. Sounds weird? The combination of the cinnamon and the ginger are almost floral-tasting, with a mellow after-burn that is just amazing. Drink it. You’ll be happy. If you’re not happy… then drink something else, I guess.

Enjoy the snow, and snuggle up with a cocktail or two! Or three… or four…

(Always drink responsibly and in moderation.)

Meatless Monday: pumpkin goat-cheese manicotti

It’s getting on toward Thanksgiving, guys. When did this happen? Seriously.

The Compatriot and I have been going to see both my parents and his parents for the last few years. This year, we also have a wedding to attend on the 30th. So we’re celebrating a week early with my family. And we’re also celebrating a week early with my friends; we have weekly potlucks, but most people will be out of town next week. Good for readers — you guys get a recipe! I always forget to make something to bring to family Thanksgivings. Not this year, friends. This year I’m an awesome, domesticky daughter.

My recipe is based on one I found on Pinterest. It’s a goat cheese ravioli.

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Meatless Monday: Gourmet Grilled Cheese (Homemade Pesto and Goat Cheese) and Fresh Bloody Marys

Mmm, grilled cheese. So versatile, from slapping a single on some wonderbread (ick) to crazy gourmet sandwiches, grilled cheese is crazy useful. Not too shabby on the health front, either, especially if you use a healthier cheese, like goat cheese, and serve with a salad. I’m not saying eat cheese and bread every day, but there are much worse meals to be had.

Here’s my tribute to my favorite childhood meal. Instead of ketchup, there’s fresh-juiced bloody marys. And instead of butter, there’s oil-light pesto. Add an egg if you want for extra protein punch.

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