Adventure Pants: Using an old garment to make something completely new

So… the first part of this post was TWO YEARS AGO. Bad, bad sewing blogger! Check it out — I detailed my process for taking apart my favorite pair of pants and using them as a pattern. Part One here.

One good thing about the super long gap between parts is that I was able to test my labeling system. It held up! So yeah, write notes onto your fabric. It’s super helpful, especially if you have a lot of pieces. My pants have a center front seam and with the way the pockets are constructed, it’s super easy to get the crotch piece and side pocket piece mixed up. One can never have too many notes and arrows.

This post is to show a pair of pants that I made modeled on the old ones, and to showcase how far you can go with the basics of an old garment that fits well. I was able to keep just about everything I liked about the fit while eliminating some of the weirder pockets, also eliminating the fly (partially because I actually wanted a crazy exposed zipper with the crazy fabric, but also partially because I only have a serger at the moment and flies are hard enough.)

First, I serged around all the edges that I knew would be exposed. Front pocket tops, all around the back pockets (I was going to turn the serged edges under and stitch them down, but didn’t feel like hand sewing them, so I just ditched them in the final product.) Then I just put everything back together according to my sharpie notes. I converted the flat-felled seams to serged seams, and they work great! In future iterations, I might eliminate the center front and back seams. Or I might not, as they allow for one more dimension of customization.


All laid out on my crazyface cotton batik Christmas present fabric


My pockets had pleats! And I cut them a little longer so that I could fold the serged edge under.

I folded and ironed the pleats, pinned, and then serged all around.

I folded and ironed the pleats, pinned, and then serged all around.

I’m definitely going to add these pockets in the future. They’re just too cool looking! When I do, I’ll update this post with a back shot.


Always with the weird faces and poses. But you get the idea. Oh, and I got a buzz cut a couple weeks ago.

There you have it! From olive cargo to pink insanity.


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