Easy pants variation

I’m all over the place, aren’t I. I made some pants this week that I really enjoy, and I’d like to share how, since it’s really easy.


Draft a simple pair of knee-length elastic-or-drawstring-waist pants with side seams, adding about an inch to each side seam compared to what you’d normally wear. Or, use your favorite pattern, and add an inch or two extra at the side seams. (You could even do this with a non-elastic waist band with a fly, if you want. Just make sure there’s a waistband, or it’ll look really strange.)

At the side seams of your pattern pieces, draw a curve. It should be fairly dramatic, like so:

Pants diagram

Feel free to experiment, making the curve whatever shape looks good to you. A muslin might be helpful for experimentation. Keep in mind that you want your curve to start curving away where you want the pants to open up — very high will result in a lot of leg, but you’ll have to be careful with moving/lifting your leg or your butt will show.

Duplicate this on all of your pieces. Now, cut out your pants normally.

Assembly is basically the same as for any pants, except that you’ll overlap your side seams by an inch or so before stitching down. If you’re using a fabric that frays, you’ll want to fold the fabric under at the overlap.

Pants diagram 2

Make sense? Then, finish edges however you want. I chose to finish mine by sewing lace to the inside, covering the raw edge, then folding the lace back to the outside and stitching down with a small zig-zag for extra security. You could easily use cute binding, or just a double-fold hem. Remember, double-fold curved hems require extra care!

After that, assemble the pants as you normally would. And bam! Pants with an interesting detail. Easy, huh?

Experiment! I think these would look so awesome in a flowing jersey knit. for a softer look. Use a solid color to tone down the festival vibe, or go full-on crazyface like I did. The possibilities are endless, and way more fun than making another pair of boring pants!


Not the best picture, but you get the gist. Hey! Focus on my pretty excellent, partially accidental stripe-matching instead of my goofy face, will ya? Thanks.

That’s it. Nice, short, simple, with a lot of impact. Enjoy!


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