Dragon Hoodie

I made this. No, there’s not really a tutorial, sorry, just wanted to share. Mostly I made a basic hoodie with extended, widened arm-gloves. Oh, and little ‘spikes’ inserted into the hood and arm seams. The rest of the ‘spikes’ are small triangles of fabric sewn together, stuffed, and attached by hand. The tail is quilted, and the scales are leather scraps glued and stitched down for extra security. That took freaking forever.

Obviously, my inspiration was Calgary Cosplay’s dragon hoodie. Well, mostly just the arms and scales. The head is constructed much differently because I wanted a different look. Also there’s no front zipper, mostly because I didn’t want to buy one.

I wanted to make my own so that it would fit me better than the Calgary ones, seeing as I have my own measurements. Also, it was a whole lot of fun to puzzle out and make. I really like the over-sized forearms!

Also, I added grips and claw tips to the gloves out of old leather scraps. This allows me to open doors and bottles without taking my hands out of the escape hatches. I can even play cards! I can’t press small buttons, but that’s OK.

This is definitely a huge splurge item, not in terms of cost, but in terms of usability. It can’t really be paired with much else, it can’t really be used outside of festival applications… it’s just a fun thing that I enjoyed making and enjoy having.


They’re kind of like cat paws! For the claw tips (which as you can see don’t *quite* fit perfectly, because they were an afterthought) I turned the leather jacket scraps to the wrong side. This gave a totally different texture, and a matte finish instead of a shine.


I never remember to pose right. Arms away from the body, tilt just so… eh, whatever. It’s a dragon hoodie.

10295457_10154177327310441_2298496260250427962_o 10359083_10154177351600441_971264016318973573_o


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