Fashion Friday: Cloud and a rainbow

Today, the Compatriot gave me a slightly too-big t-shirt. “I don’t like it, but it looks cute on you,” he said. So I put some elastic through the hem to keep it under my butt, and added tights. Then I realized I was basically a storm cloud, so I added silly fluffy white boots (which also kind of pull in the paw print on the shirt). And to complete everything, a rainbow bag — clouds gotta have rainbows.

And then the only picture that really came out was in soft focus. But you get the idea, right? Right? It’s a cute take on a short jersey dress, that floats over curves instead of hugging them and takes away some of the hyper-sexuality of a really short skirt. Plus it’s just damn comfy.


T-shirt: Amazon (~$5). Tights: Target ($4.99). Boots: Gift ($?) Bag: Gift, handmade by my sister


Throw a hoodie on when it gets cold; greyscale layers!


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