Refashion weekend: Wedding LBD

Recently, I went to a wedding in San Jose. It was a wedding in a nice church, so most of my dresses were either way too casual or way too body conscious. (Of course, then I promptly learned that weddings are a place to put on your tightest, shiniest club uniform and your highest heels, and your most makeup, and look for a mate at the reception. Luckily, I’m not single.) Now, I know supposedly black is bad for a wedding. Why? Because some fashion person said so. Or maybe because of funerals. But if the silhouette isn’t somber, I say black is fine; it’s versatile and classic.

When will I learn to take a really good "before" pic?

When will I learn to take a really good “before” pic?

So this dress had a lovely skirt, but it’s all empire-waist and silver, gross, padded-and-tucked top. There’s a way to do this well. Mine looked like I was wearing a fortress out about an inch in front of my actual bust. Maybe the makers were afraid of cannon fire.

Plus, both a zip AND ties embellished with flowers at the empire waist.

Vaguely funeral

Vaguely funeral

So I removed the top and zipper, re-stitched everything together so it was just the skirt, added a ribbon strap (taken from one of the long ribbon ties) and there we go.

San Fran wedding trip for Mike 055

Church appropriate? Not sure. (Hint: I don’t go to church, so I actually don’t know.)

It felt a little nightgown-y at this point, so I added a “belt” (folded length of jersey)

Hint: Also not San Jose

Much better.

Which made it a lot more wedding-ish and a lot less lingerie-ish.

I feel kind of weird about posting pictures of people online when I didn’t ask, so there’s not pictures of the wedding. It wasn’t my family, and there were tons and tons of family and extended relations around, so I figured I’d not bother them about yet one more thing.

Instead, have a picture of some hot air balloons.

Hot air balloons!

Hot air balloons!

2009-01-01 00.00-horz


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