Sustainability + socks = awesome

Snow outside? Snuggle inside!

Snow outside? Snuggle inside!

Is it a blogger faux-pas to review something someone bought for you, something not provided to you to review?

Well, I hope not. Because socks are awesome.  I especially love knee-high socks. This love stems from having way too many snowy walks to overheated classrooms. Actually, it stems from my mom persuading me to get a pair of teal argyle knee-highs when I was in high school, secretly in love with argyle, teal and funky fashion, yet scared of making even such an easily-hidden fashion statement. Thanks, Mom!

Now I have tons of knee socks, mostly from Target, lately mostly mismatched and threadbare.

Solution? The Pact sock. Pact says they use 100% wind power in Turkey to manufacture the socks, which are designed in San Francisco.

I can’t actually find any external confirmation of this right now. But damn it, I want to believe! Because they’re so comfy and funky, and apparently 90% organic cotton, as well. Which makes sense; I have one pair of 100% organic cotton, and they’re a bit oddly textured, as socks go, and fall down a lot.

These aren’t super warm, being made of cotton, but my winter boots are pretty warm anyway, and they’re the perfect amount of warmth and cozy for inside.


Look at dem funky color schemes! They go with most things. Or, you know, clash with most things. Depending on your point of view. I like how many colors they have so I can match them to one other tone in my outfit, and still have colorful explosions all over my legs.


The bottom ones remind me of Rummikub tiles. And the top ones are just fun, and a little more subdued/easier to match with things.

010The one small gripe I have is that the “100% wind power” sticker sticks too much to the sock, and you can see where it was taken off, as displayed in the picture above. Not a deal breaker, by any means.

(Those ones with the flowers are my Christmas socks. Normally I actively dislike holiday-themed socks. But those remind me of poinsettas and other Christmasy things, while not being overly festive.)

If these socks are half as sustainable as they claim to be, I’m completely on board. At about $7/pair, they’re a tad more expensive than the ones you can get at Target. But they’re proportionally nicer, and you’re doing something good for the planet. What’s not to love? They’d make great presents/stocking stuffers for the sock enthusiasts (or, you know, college students) in your life.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with some hot chocolate, a book, and my new favorite cozy socks.


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