Meatless Monday: Gourmet Grilled Cheese (Homemade Pesto and Goat Cheese) and Fresh Bloody Marys

Mmm, grilled cheese. So versatile, from slapping a single on some wonderbread (ick) to crazy gourmet sandwiches, grilled cheese is crazy useful. Not too shabby on the health front, either, especially if you use a healthier cheese, like goat cheese, and serve with a salad. I’m not saying eat cheese and bread every day, but there are much worse meals to be had.

Here’s my tribute to my favorite childhood meal. Instead of ketchup, there’s fresh-juiced bloody marys. And instead of butter, there’s oil-light pesto. Add an egg if you want for extra protein punch.


For pesto sauce:

-2 tbsp olive oil
-4 cloves garlic, peeled
-1/2 cup pine nuts
-1 tomato, chopped
-Freeze dried chives (fresh chives would be better if you have them on hand)
-Salt and pepper to taste

Put everything in a blender. Pulse very few times. A food processor would be better, but I don’t have one of those.

For sandwich:

-Nice bread
-Goat cheese
-Parmesan cheese
-Egg (optional)
-Thyme and lemon juice to taste

Take bread and smear pesto, goat cheese and grate Parmesan on the slices. Place into a toaster oven for ~3:30 (or a regular oven at 350 until golden brown and the cheese is slightly melted). Garnish with thyme and a splash of lemon juice. If desired, add a fried egg before closing the sandwich.

Makes one sandwich. Duh.

For bloody marys:

-A juicer
-4-8 fresh tomatoes
-Half a head of celery
-Clove garlic (optional)
-Chives (optional but highly recommended)

Juice the tomatoes, celery and garlic. The celery’s natural sodium will contribute to the salty flavor of the drink. Juice the garlic and chives if you’re adding them. Stir well. Add a shot of vodka if desired. Crack pepper over the top and serve. Garnish with a stalk of celery, a pickle, or whatever other tart vegetables you may desire. 4 large tomatoes = 2 smallish bloody Marys.

Blended up

Blended up

Cut those tomatoes, Compatriot!

Cut those tomatoes, Compatriot!
Side note: See the religious pamphlet back there? Might recognize it if you’ve been given one. It was left at my house by an old room mate. Someone else wrote a message about Obi Wan Kenobi on it, so it stays.

The Parmesan will get all melted, the goat cheese stays gooey.

The Parmesan will get all melted, the goat cheese stays gooey.

Grilled cheese, bloody mary and Colbert report? Sounds like a date night to me.

Grilled cheese, bloody mary and Colbert report on the projector? Sounds like a date night to me.

Compatriot approved.

Compatriot-approved evening activity.

Clink your glasses and embrace your inner child. Om nom nom.



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