Me-Made Fashion Wednesday: Brocade jacket and rib-knit dress for fall

Sometimes I make things and I either didn’t take notes, (usually when I make things to practice a particular technique) or don’t feel like providing a tutorial. But I still feel like sharing.

It’s getting colder, and I needed more light layers. I don’t like long-sleeve t-shirts because people tend to keep their houses quite warm. So I made a loose jacket/overshirt to wear over tank tops and dresses. The dress is a simple ribbed tank dress with a bottom band to help keep it from riding up. Combat boots keep it casual; I like the contrast between the nice fabric in a loose, casual style and the grungy Doc Martens. I thought about trying to make a tuxedo jacket or even a moto jacket from the brocade, but all the drafts I made looked like something a character in Zoolander would wear. I might buy a little bit more of the fabric to make pleat pockets; my original plan was to make pleated pockets with contrast binding and contrast cuffs (both made from the wrong side of the fabric, which as you can see is a pretty green). But I ran out of fabric. That’s what happens when you buy a yard of 50% off brocade planning to make a tank-shift dress, then decide that you’d hate for the beautiful wrong side of the fabric to never be seen, and make a long-sleeve coat instead.

I’ve nicknamed this coat the Kaylee coat, since it reminds me of Firefly. (Scroll down to see the jacket I mean.) I left off the collar and frog closures because I didn’t want a straight Chinese-style jacket, but the color and loose, open styling remind me of wonderful Kaylee.

Kaylee coat 002

Jacket: Self-drafted, $10 fabric (50% off). Dress: Self-drafted, $? (Under $15.)
Boots: Doc Martens, $75 Socks: Target, $5

Turned out to be a perfect First Friday outfit, for that transition from afternoon to evening. Of course I forgot to bring my camera to the actual First Friday; I always forget! Bad blogger.

Adventure is out there!

Adventure is out there! With scuffed knees from kneeling to draw with chalk.

The Male Compatriot is embracing his photographer duties lately. Which is good, because I lost my tripod. Bad blogger, again.


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