Graphics, body shaming and Pinterest, oh my!

Been a while, hasn’t it? I promise I have some crafty posts in the works. But today my hackles have been ruffled, umbrage has been taken (not the Harry Potter Professor Umbridge, the actual word — great for Scrabble), I must retrieve my goat from whoever has it, and my metaphors have been mixed. I’m all aflutter, atwitter, and making much ado about feminist nothing,*  in other words.

I see a whole lot of “virtuous” messages on Pinterest. Which makes sense, since the overwhelming majority of users seem to be “good girl” moms. Nothing against this, by the by. It just makes my blood boil to see so much shame. Get thin! Because you’re fat, and don’t you know that’s so passe? Make your own candle holders! Because that’ll make you the envy of the Joneses, by George. And don’t forget the cute messages reminding you how great it is that you’re so virginal (excepting your one true love, of course) and virtuous.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy Pinterest. I respect women whose personal philosophy includes maxi skirts and cardigans and never a crop top in sight. I even respect the little kitschy images like this one of unknown origin. Or this one. Or… Well, we’ve all seen them, haven’t we? You know the ones I mean, and I celebrate the fact that they can exist.

Quite frankly, though, they make me sad. It makes me sad that societal or religious compunction can’t stay to ourselves (I’m not judging you for wearing long skirts or short skirts or crop tops or bras or what have you), it has to be broadcast to everyone, as much to show how virtuous we are as to send any actual real message to anyone. It’s not “Well, here’s what I think,” it’s “here’s what I agree with, look at me and my virtue.” (Which makes sense, given the medium, of course — we all enjoy being an identifiable part of a group we agree with, and sporting their badge. No shame in that, but must that include holier-than-thou assessment of others?) It makes me sad that there are religions and philosophies out there preaching that the human body is shameful and inherently bad, something to be hidden lest madness overtake the world and turn us all into beasts. (Can I be a house cat, if so? A calico, who naps in the sun all day? Thanks.)

But you know what? That’s their problem to deal with. It’s sad, but it’s not my problem. Of course, the philosophies who think that the human body is inherently sexual probably have a lot more repressed and concerning lustful feelings than I think is healthy (I mean seriously… seeing a nude body doesn’t exactly get me thinking adultery and wild, unprotected orgies… it’s more thoughts on what a beautiful piece of work is man, the paragon of animals, the paradox of self-awareness and so forth), but again, that’s not my problem.

What IS my problem, my idle thought and my frothy feminist campaign of the day, is a counter-pin war. I’m all for freedom of speech and expression: and that includes mine and all other proud-to-be-unashamed women’s.

Remember: nude means without clothes. It doesn’t mean lascivious, entendre-filled parody of lust and love. (That part’s between you and your libido. And perhaps your priest or your therapist.)

My message-making skills do not tend toward the graphical. But here’s the one that I immediately came up with upon seeing the “Dear girls, dressing immodestly is like rolling around in manure. Yes, you’ll get attention but it’s mostly from pigs” thingamapin. Feel free to pin it if you feel it, make one of your own if you feel so moved, or just laugh a little and have a nice day.

Dear boys

P.S. What’s with the slander concerning pigs? Have any of these quote-recycle bins actually met a pig? They’re wonderful. Make great pets. Sweet, smart and really pretty sanitary. On a related note, I’m entering my second month of vegetarianism.

*Yes, the vagina pun was intentional. (If you don’t know, look it up.)



  1. anaopp

    Hahaha, awesome! I pinned it.
    Btw, my Pinterest story: I once pinned a photo of Adriana Lima and got 2 comments claiming that she was a “slut”. Apparently, even being a devout Christian and remaining a virgin until marriage doesn’t save one from slut-hood.

    • Jessie

      Oh gosh. It’s all about perception, I guess. Like when people talk about the “classier times” when “women were women, instead of sluts,” usually referring to women who in their day were sex icons and quite “slutty.” I guess it’s just unavoidable that if you love your body, other people will get upset about it. Thanks for the pin and the comment!

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