Fashion Thursday: Comfortable(!) upper-midriff baring

Honestly, baring the upper midriff is not a style I ever expected to like. Sure, it looks good on runway models with long torsos and miles of legs who can wear a long crop top and really high-waisted pants without looking completely unbalanced. I have a short but balanced to itself torso and tend to look better with either full coverage or most of my stomach bared, reservations about belly buttons aside.

Get ready to raid your man’s (or your brother’s) closet: turns out it’s all about the leg width, and men’s pants have it down. High-waist skinny jeans? Disaster. High-waist palazzo pant? Makes me look like a short, dumpy, music festival escapee. High-waist men’s linen pant with cropped t-shirt? I’m obsessed.

A huge benefit to men’s pants is pockets. These pants have enormous pockets by my standards (though the Compatriot assures me that they’re nothing special), and they lay wonderfully flat. They’re super comfortable, lightweight, have great carrying capacity and look fantastic.

Finally, I really like how versatile the look is. I would wear it to lunch, I would wear it out to bars, I’d wear it to a nice event of some kind. I like that it looks adult and polished, but you can still run around and play at the park or ride a bike. I like that you could dress it up with jewelry, but it’s not so inherently fancy that it looks ridiculous without makeup. And we all know how much I love beautiful, bare faces!

Consider me a convert; it’s possible for even short people to look good in high-waist pants. (Now if I could just get every piece of cat hair off of them, I’d be set!) I pair the Compatriot’s pants with soft black ankle boots and a colorful crop tee. They’d also look great with cuff bracelets and a wedge heel or even a strappy stilletto, but that would of course diminish the comfort factor. Not to mention it would look a little weird anyplace other than Beverly Hills or an upscale fashion week brunch.

For yesterday’s photo shoot, I decided I was beyond tired of taking pictures against a white wall in a hallway. It’s summer now — outside is the way to go! Unfortunately, I don’t have a dedicated photographer (I love my Compatriot dearly, and he does not “get” the idea of a style blogger — he’s bemusedly happy to help, but doesn’t have the patience to take really good photos very often). Undaunted, I went on a bike ride, and found the most adorable park nestled into a neighborhood. It’s teeny! One of the things I love about my town is how many parks we have per capita, not to mention all the vast forested places.

(Some of our parks even have SWINGS still. I know. Ridiculous, right? What of the children?)

At any rate, I’m happy with how my mediocre camera and my self-shots performed. And I love the outfit. Successful day all around!

Did use the wall for a mediocre full-length shot that I had to overexpose or the shoes and pants disappeared into the carpet.

Did use the wall for a quick and mediocre full-length shot that I had to overexpose or the shoes and pants disappeared into the carpet. Ignore the slightly quizzical face and combative stance. It’s, uh, model snoot. Yeah.

Great use of space: I was standing at one end for this picture. It's small, but there's others pretty close.

How cute is this train?

Whee! Aka a gust of wind turned the camera as it hung from a rung.

Whee! Aka a gust of wind turned the camera as it hung from a rung.

Beep beep!

Beep beep!

Adventure is out there!

Adventure is out there!

Graphic print crop top: ~$20 (Yowza! One of my rare “buy new” moments) Cubavera pants: $40 (Ok, this is not a cheap look! Gads, I didn’t realize how expensive it was.) Ankle booties: Goodwill, $4.99

Are you willing to take the high-midriff plunge in everyday life?


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