Vegan Challenge Wrap-up

Well, my 7 days of veganism have come to an end. It was much harder in some ways than I thought it would be because I didn’t fully realize how hard it is to have to constantly think about what you eat. In other ways it was easier than I thought it would be — I found that I don’t really miss the taste of meat. Except maybe fish. In fact, the smell of barbecue chicken was slightly unsettling after just a week.

I could definitely see myself becoming a vegetarian. Not sure about full-blown veganism, but it’s good to know that I could happily subsist on veggies, eggs and cheese. Maybe the occasional fish sushi. Plus, if I stop eating meat, I’ll be able to afford all the ridiculously expensive humane eggs and cheese I want! (Over time I hope/expect that humane products will no longer be specialty and will drop in price. Come on, people, let’s make capitalism work for us!)

I also found it was much harder than I thought it would be to post a new recipe every day. Some of these things are time consuming! I had planned on trying some quinoa recipes, but didn’t get around to them, for example. Alas. They will have to be saved for future meatless Monday posts.

I had intended to post this yesterday, along with another vegan recipe for green curried lentils. And then the cord that I have to use to transfer photos from camera to computer went AWOL. I still haven’t found it, so decided to just go ahead and push the wrap-up through and add the green curried lentils at a later date.

Last week I ate:


Breakfast — skipped it

Lunch — healthy fried rice

Dinner — rice noodles with sour peanut sauce


Breakfast — oatmeal

Lunch — post-workout green smoothie

Dinner — tom ka


Breakfast — oatmeal

Lunch — peanut butter and jelly sandwich that turned out not to be 100% vegan

Dinner — Non-vegan crepe (oops! Wednesday was reasonably full of failure.)


Breakfast — bagel with smashed avocado

Lunch — healthy fried rice

Dinner — tabouli-lentil salad


Breakfast — bagel with smashed avocado

Lunch — simple green salad

Dinner — vegan sushi


Breakfast — garlic tofu vegan takeout

Lunch — simple salad

Dinner — double green lentil curry


Breakfast — garlic tofu vegan takeout leftovers

Lunch — random snacks throughout the day, like peanuts and mixed greens

Dinner — I had a sudden late-night craving for veggie sushi, and whipped some up.

Budget: Less than $80 total for the week. I had a few things on hand, and had to run out mid-week to get some extra things/didn’t end up using some of the dry goods I bought at the beginning of the week, so it’s difficult to calculate a precise amount. It was somewhere over $50 and under $80.

For feeding two people and sharing with guests almost every night, I’m pretty satisfied!

Would you ever try going vegan for a week? If you’re already vegan, what was the transition like?


One comment

  1. celestedimilla

    Congrats on your week of veganism! If you ever do decide to go vegan, the cooking gets a lot easier over time. I’m so glad you took this challenge and shared it. Celeste:)

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