Today is a Day For Living Close to Home

2009-01-01 00.00.00-140 (JessieMartin's conflicted copy 2013-04-16)

I was really on the ball this week, with a post planned for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But I’m a news editor, and tragedies cross my virtual desk quite often. Usually I just don’t post on the days when I am overwhelmed, but silence isn’t really a solution.

Bombings in Boston and Iraq, a huge bus crash in Peru and other stories of violence, coupled with stories full of reminders about all the tragedies of this past year, kind of piled up yesterday and today — there will be posts later this week, but for today I’m going to enjoy the first two flowers in my backyard and reflect.

The globalization of society can lead to greater empathy and knowledge of our fellow man, but so much information about tragedy around the globe can also lead to nihilism and hopelessness. It doesn’t really seem like a day for posting refashions or pictures of food, but a day for making food and refashions, sitting quietly and walking barefoot in the grass.

Today is a day for living close to home. Namaste.


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