Dubious Friday Fashion (On Sunday): Harem Pants Edition

I did not do a refashion on Friday. Again. I should know by now; I’m bad at self-imposed schedules and guidelines. Alas.

But I did go out. I received a pair of drop-crotch harem-Aladdin-Hammertime pants for Christmas, and I must admit I’m in love with them. Unreasonably so; they’re pretty much my favorite wear-at-home pants. I decided to wear them to a Paul Basic show Friday night, and I think they were awesome.

Of course, it’s hard to tell; one of the things I enjoy about living in small-city Hippie-college-ville is that no one looks twice at the weirdest things. But they also don’t look twice at the weirdest things. I think it was pretty successful though. If you’re looking for something fun and different, then I say go for it!

The key to wearing ridiculous pants like that is to keep everything else pretty low key. It’s tempting to go for a neo-tribal tunic shirt or something of the sort, but that makes it look very much like a costume, and also approaches cultural appropriation (especially if, like me, you wear a nose ring). Even a cropped shirt makes it look like a belly dance costume. I went for a simple black tank top, black ankle boots and fairly plain silver earrings/low-key necklace. The bra straps were a deliberate choice; I don’t think they look trashy (opinions differ, I know), and I wanted to bring some of the blue from the necklace into the rest of the outfit so it wasn’t quite so orange-black.

2009-01-01 00.00.00-98Unfortunately, I had already started celebrating my Friday night by the time I thought to take pictures, so I didn’t get many good ones.

Look at that width.Also, it's really really hard to take a timed shot of a high kick.

Look at that width.
Also, it’s really really hard to take a timed shot of a high kick.

No one’s going to take you seriously when you’re wearing pants like this, even ones without elephants. But they’re a lot of fun, something a little different from the standard skinny jeans/yoga pants, and incredibly comfortable. All things that I love.


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