Refashion Friday

Refashion Friday

Refashioned thrifted wool patchwork jacket w/leather ‘bow’ belt, refashioned thrifted zippered boots, refashioned skirt-from-blouse with lace lining from thrifted wedding dress, sweater tights from Target, long-sleeved shirt borrowed from boyfriend (not shown). Total outfit cost: ~$20



  1. alliscorner

    What a great looking jacket. I love the idea of the patchwork. I hope to eventually get into refashioning clothes and something like this makes me want to make one myself. Thank you for the motivation. Allison

    • Jessie

      I love patchwork jackets. And hats. And everything. Sadly, I didn’t do the patchworking myself; I just shortened the jacket, resized it, and added the leather belt. But maybe someday I’ll do a full on patchy project of my own.

      I hope you do get into refashioning, and post your results! It’s great fun.

    • Jessie

      Sadly, I cut up the jacket intending to make a buttoned wool skirt years before I thought of making a blog. The skirt turned out to be way too strange and short, but I managed to find the top half and Frankenstein them back together with the aid of the belt. I love refashioning!

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