Pintrest Burritos

What’s that you say, Pinterest? You can make breakfast burritos in a large batch, wrap them up and freeze them? Why didn’t I think of that? This is just the sort of thing that makes Pinterest useful. Not to mention, these recipes combine my sporadic overwhelming urge to cook with feeding my high-metabolism body with reasonable healthiness in the pre-7 a.m. zombie state I inhabit each morning. Wins all around!

Last night, I grabbed all the ingredients that make hippies go squee: Grass fed, free-roaming chorizo! (How do you feed grass to a chorizo?) Free range, humane eggs! Fresh organic cheese! (Not nearly as much of that as I would like; I only bought half a pound and I’m a little ashamed to say that I ate a significant portion in the store.) Organic veggies! Local(ish) salsa! Organic organic organic! And got to work.

Total Cost: ~$8/8 burritos.

On the expensive side for frozen breakfast burritos, but keep in mind that food prices are high where I live already, since in the winter everything has to be trucked up from the nearest hospitable climate/big city (2 hours away). Also keep in mind that I used the high-quality ingredients listed above; sadly, ‘organic’ and ‘humane’ are labels that still cost a great deal.

Confession: the foil annoyed me a bit. I try really hard not to counteract all of my organic-localness with stuff like foil and plastic wrap. But I forged ahead, reasoning that I’d make them like other people for the first batch and then if I liked them, figure out something like reusable paper bags. Or tupperware, but there’s never room in my freezer for that.

2013-01-22 20.23.02

So far so good.

2013-01-22 20.23.18

Aw yeah.

2013-01-22 20.24.02

… Uh…

Unfortunately, it turns out that my burrito rolling skills are severely lacking. There’s some mildly racially-insensitive stereotype that applies here; insert your own in your head if you must.

Every. Single. Burrito. Was like the one on the left. Even my foil-wrapping skills are… not pretty, at best, as you can see. I’ve never been able to just tear a straight or even roughly straight piece of foil from its cardboard container. How do you even learn something like that?

It didn’t matter how much I warmed the tortilla beforehand, how much or little stuffing I put in, the end result was the same. A sad, torn tortilla barely wrapped around a mess of potato-egg-green-pepper-chorizo. Sad and alone I toiled, making those four burritos, and not a single one was structurally sound.

I give up.

Curse you, Pinterest, for making me believe I can achieve. Curse you.

P.S. Jokes and frustrations aside, I will be making these again. They’re actually really tasty. Also, turns out the Male Compatriot has a magic touch when it comes to burritos. The man can handle a tortilla. His foil-wrapped beauties are aesthetically lovely, bulging with yummy stuffing, and actually hold together. Witchcraft, I tell you.

So, if you’re failing at burritos, don’t despair: Call a friend. Have a burrito party!


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