5-minute Fix: A Healthier Bagel

Addicted to a morning bagel? I am… Whenever I’m too lazy to make a green smoothie, I end up popping a bagel in the toaster oven and slathering it with gobs of cream cheese. Which isn’t super healthy, though it is delicious.

I can’t transform that bagel into something super good for you, but I can suggest something other than gobs of cream cheese to help pack more veggies and healthy goodness into your morning:

Take 1/2 a really ripe avocado, and spread that on your bagel instead, using a butter knife just like you would for cream cheese. Much better for you.

If you can’t bear to substitute your cream cheese entirely (I usually can’t), use 1/4 an avocado or less and also use cream cheese. I honestly think that’s better than cream cheese alone. Super tasty, and every little bit helps.
Now if I could just get my lazy butt moving long enough to add an egg over easy to that concoction, it’d be a halfway balanced breakfast.


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