Green Smoothies to Jumpstart Your Day

If you’re at all interested in nutrition (a big part of fitness!), you’ve probably heard of green smoothies, with varying levels of grossed out reactions. They were quite the fad for a while, weren’t they? The Green Monster in particular seemed pretty popular. I’d heard of them but am rather knee-jerk anti-fad, so hadn’t tried any until recently, when I realized I’d completely stopped eating breakfast. It’s hard to work up the motivation to make a meal at 5:30 in the morning! Plus, my stomach usually rebels at the sort of full-on breakfast that I love to have on weekends (more on that in the future).

Enter the green smoothie. This is one of the first spinoffs I tried. Four more can be found here.

Honey Ginger Pale Green Smoothie


1 ¼ c plain greek style yogurt

2 c bok choy, leaves and stalks, roughly chopped

¼ avocado

1 tablespoon flax seed

2 tablespoons ginger (you may want less if you like the green taste, the ginger is a little overpowering)

2 tablespoons honey (you may want less, I used it to balance out the overpowering ginger)

¼ c milk – rough estimate. It was mostly a large splash to help it blend more easily.

Combine and blend, that’s all there is to it.

Add some honey

Maybe a smidgeon mooooore honey…

Pale green smoothie! Yum.

This smoothie is for people who already like the green. The Male Compatriot said that it “still tastes healthy, I’ll put it that way.” I guess I started backward, instead of going for the easiest/least green tasting first! But I really like the combination of the Asian-style flavors of bok choy, honey and ginger.

I felt really good yesterday, full of energy and very awake. Which is good – since my birthday on the 23rd, I’ve been a little lackluster on the exercise, and a little sluggish in the morning, sleeping during my break instead of going on my 10-mile ride. I was hoping to increase this week, not have to regain lost traction. It’s amazing how quickly fledgling habits go away, isn’t it?



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