5-Minute Fix: Defusing a Frothy Beer Bomb

If you’re like me, you probably like to drink beer. Or soda; we don’t judge around here. At my house, we have five people sharing one fridge; we have a mini-fridge dedicated to beer storage, and there’s something weird about the temperature. Plus, most of us buy beer and then bike it home. Have you ever opened up a New Belgium only to have it froth and foam and spill absolutely everywhere?

This 5-minute fix is really easy, but you have to be quick. It’s more like a 5-second fix, really. If you suspect your beer or your soda will start to erupt, open it and quickly take as big a sip as you can stand, making sure to tilt the bottle. I’m not sure whether or not this works with cans, I feel like you can’t get as big a sip, and it might blow more quickly than you can sip it. But bottles work great, especially with some practice.

Almost every time, the main body of the liquid cuts through the foam, reclaims it back into liquid, and keeps it from doing gross things to your floor. Even if it doesn’t work completely, you’ll just have a little foam explosion in your mouth, instead of a huge one everywhere else.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee that it will never explode all over your face. But it hasn’t happened to me or any of my friends. (Fingers crossed.)

Anyway, this might be obvious. But my house was having huge problems with beer explosions until I remembered my brief time as a bartender, teaching myself to pour beer from a tap (it was a dive bar, nobody bothered to train me) and watching the head turn back into beer when other beer touched it. So hopefully this will be new to someone.


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