Wearing a Logo on Your Face? Brand Awareness and Glasses

Seems like all sorts of clothing items are brand-aware these days. What about displaying a brand logo on your face?

I wear glasses about a third of the time, usually favoring contacts. But I still like attractive frames; there are looks and times when glasses just make more sense. But this last eye doctor’s visit was unable to find frames that I liked/could afford without a prominent logo on them.

Wearers of wire frames might not have this problem, having thinner frames overall. I’ve been wearing lenses since I was six years old (-7.5/-7, yo! I’m BLIND), so I have a pretty good idea of what works for my face. And plastic frames in a darker color are definitely winners.


Look at them coke-bottles! And yes, that's the super fancy "extra-thin lens technology."

Look at them coke-bottles! And yes, that’s the super fancy “extra-thin lens technology.”





My lenses are so thick that, even though I always get the fancy “super thin” expensive lenses, they’re still unusually thick. So plastic it is; the thicker frames help balance out the ungodly, eye-shrinking lenses.

Therefore, I have to ask: Why is it that manufacturers feel the need to put their logo on every surface that’s thick/wide enough?

It’s not that I have anything against Coach. But is this really necessary?

It is surprisingly hard to photograph a shiny gold thing with words on it.

My Male Compatriot doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but it’s kind of bothering me. What drives people to be loyal to a brand? As far as I’m concerned, generic plastic frames are generic plastic frames. I’ll just end up breaking them anyway — by the time I get new ones, mine are always held together by super glue and tape.

There are some brands that are quite excellent, and I understand the value of knowing that what you’re getting is going to have a certain level of quality, based on  their reputation, your past experiences, etc. Consistency is nice. But why do I have to tell everyone else what brand I’m wearing? I’m considering taking a brown sharpie and coloring over the little “Coach” part.

I don’t even get the prestige factor of being able to afford an expensive product, since the Coach brand was actually on super sale. So they were the most affordable, as well as most attractive, frames. If anything, I’m a brand impostor!

Are brand name glasses cool, and I’m just missing the point? I concede that I very well might be. Would you even notice the logo on someone else’s face?

They look like pretty generic glasses to me – why do we need to know who made them?
And yes, I know I have an acne spot. And moles: I’m pretty committed to this whole “no photoshopping” thing. Truth is better than fiction, people.


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