A More Sophisticated Transparent Blouse

I don’t know why the camera did this, but I kind of like it.

Have you been to a college campus lately? Transparent shirts are apparently a thing now. I see them everywhere. I’m all about marching to the beat of my own drummer, but I have to admit that the social primate in me enjoys being able to pull off a “look” that other people seem to enjoy.

Just for fun, I decided to try a fall interpretation. And to try a slightly more sophisticated/unique/softer/less rave-tastic look than the “neon pink polyester with black bra” thing.

Enter, the Artsy Fart. I have a thing for silk (then again, who doesn’t?), and I found a silk and rayon shirt at Goodwill (I thrift most everything). Paired with some short blue shorts and ankle boots, with a blue bandeau underneath, I think it’s a nice take on the trend.

You can see some skin, but the shirt isn’t totally see through; the print is opaque. It’s more like the skin becomes part of the print. The shirt is big and billowy, with huge kimono sleeves, and I really like the drape.

The one downside is that it catches the wind like mad. Dramatic while standing… while riding a bike, it’s like someone tie-dyed a bat.

What do you think? Fall transparency success?


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