Personal Philosophy Clarification

I see that some of my philosophy posts are attracting attention from religious bloggers. I’m pleased that you guys like them, and I don’t mean to be off-putting. Originally, I wasn’t even going to bring my specific personal beliefs into my posts, instead talking about them in a more general way. But I think I should probably clarify.

I’m an atheist.

Technically an agnostic, I suppose. Agnostics get a lot of flak for being wishy-washy, but I think I am one because I won’t stand up and say that I know everything about the universe. If and when I am confronted with irrefutable evidence of a deity, I will obviously accept its presence, and I accept the remote possibility that everything I know and believe is a falsehood. But I choose to live like an atheist, that being the path that lends itself the best (in my personal worldview and experience) to responsible and ethical behavior toward all people and living a full life without regret.

I don’t have anything against religion, persay, other than the normal reactions of confusion when presented with unthinking hatred/blind following/people using religion as a justification for why homosexual marriage and recreational drug use should be prohibited. Which is to say, I’m also a liberal who believes that live and let live is the best approach; as long as you’re not physically hurting anyone else or stopping them from living a full life/exercising their natural rights to food, shelter, companionship, self-determination and so on, then I don’t care what or who you do or don’t do in your spare time.

And I know that the unthinking hatred/blind following/intolerance is a huge problem within the religious community, but is not representative of most religious people. Fine and good. I am still not personally religious.

All that being said, anyone who wants to follow my blog is completely welcome. I just wanted to be clear about my personal beliefs to avoid confusion.



  1. Tee R

    Well said! Precisely my sentiments as well.
    I have also encountered similar attitudes that feels more like a converting attempt rather than a debate… a bit creepy at times.

    • Jessie

      Hm, that doesn’t sound fun. I think in my case it’s more that I was being vague and general about various philosophies and not really expounding on my own. I hope so, anyway!

  2. weventer

    I don’t mean to put you in a box, but would you call yourself a secular humanist? I share many similarities with your belief system but feel agnosticism is such a vague label.

    • Jessie

      I do like secular humanism a lot, and identify fairly closely with it; it seems like only a little bit narrower of a label than agnosticism, though, and a less immediately understood one. Maybe we should work to change that, though!

      I think my only disqualification from secular humanism is that in my secret heart I have some transhumanist aspirations, which probably falls under superstition and dogma, at least at the moment.

      Honestly, I don’t mind boxes so much; they’re very useful shorthand, and as much as I’d love to be a complete individual and all that, I am definitely part of various social and ideological groups.

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