Undereye dark circle home remedy trial

Fridays just feel lighter than the rest of the week, don’t they? I think I’ll reserve Fridays for more frivolous posts about appearances and pampering oneself.

Which leads us to today’s topic: under eye bags and circles. I’ve always had them. Used to think it was because of my incredibly thick glasses, but I’ve been wearing contacts for years and they haven’t gone away.

I did not promise photogenicity. But yeah. Eye bags. They’re bad news.

Maybe this is really old information, but I just heard about a home remedy yesterday while researching perfume-making (more on that another time). It’s a bit strange to me, and is probably not effective at all, but I’ll give it a try.

The remedy? Almond oil, sometimes with honey. I’ve tried a bunch of different creams, and some of them reduce the puffiness (along with potatoes and cucumbers and tea bags), but none the discoloration. Maybe puffiness reduction is enough for some people — it’s definitely easier to cover simple discoloration with makeup. But I don’t wear makeup regularly, and my hopes were raised.

I admit, I had dreams of taking the photo above, slathering oil under my eyes for days, and taking a photo that showed a dramatic difference. Triumphant, I would trumpet my success to the internet.

Ready for the bad news? It didn’t work. There was no noticeable difference trying for days and days. Enough sleep and adequate hydration seem to be the only things that will make any bit of difference in improving eye bag coloration. A picture taken today vs months ago will show nothing but a different color shirt.



  1. Jessie

    This past week I was at my parents’ house most of the week, and left my oil behind. I was also on a Greyhound bus at 1 am for two days during that week, and stayed up for 24 hours another night. So… yeah. Gonna try again next week.

  2. diaryofamadmama

    I’ve been noticing some dark circles under my eyes lately, but I’ve also been staying up past midnight a lot lately and I’m notorious for forgetting to stay hydrated. I’ll have to try to get to bed early and drink more water and see if they go away! Thanks for your post! 🙂

    • Jessie

      I’m terrible with drinking water too. That and genetics mean forever baggy eyes, I guess. Alas, the search continues.

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