We live our lives in the public sphere, so I figured I’d like a space to get my thoughts on 5 Fs out into the big wide world.


Yeah, Philosophy doesn’t start with an F, but neither does “How,” in the proud journalistic tradition of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. At least philosophy sounds like an F.

And we could also add all sorts of other Fs. Fun, for one. Any F you like, really. But mostly those ones. I don’t see them combined all that often. Usually I see a kind of perceived mutual exclusivity between matters of the body and matters of the mind. I think that’s lame. I can be all about feminist equality and still enjoy clothing if I feel like, thanks. And I can be fit and ponder stuff at the same time. I can also play Starcraft in a dress, while cuddling a Companion Cube pillow and researching baking techniques in between matches, and frequently do.

But if you dislike the narcissistic ramblings and self-absorbed musings of a scatterbrained kid with a bad case of depressive ADD who’s trying to figure out life, best move along. I won’t hold it against you, I promise. Also, I know this is a crazy taboo, but I don’t wear much makeup. So you’ll have to get over the culture shock of seeing pictures of a 22-year-old American girl in her natural state most of the time. If you can do that, we’ll get along fine.

As for format, I’ll tag each post with its primary subject. In the event that I get a following (getting ahead of myself much?), I assume people will want to navigate according to their mood, and be allowed to look for lighthearted clothing/DIY without being ambushed by a long essay on inequality, and vice versa.



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